NUVI Introduces Twitter Group Monitoring To Analyze Any Set Of Twitter Users In Real-Time

Real-time social analytics and engagement platform NUVI rolled out a set of key new features this week, including a very cool Twitter Group Monitoring function.

Recently used by CNN to track national sentiment in the George Zimmerman trial, NUVI’s visual intelligence platform extrapolates data from millions of sources including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Delicious, Reddit, Vimeo, and Flickr to dish up actionable insights for digital marketers.

NUVI reports include text explanations and color-coded charts detailing volume, sentiment, influencers, location, and virality of mentions.

Dave Oldham, CEO and co-founder of NUVI, said in a statement,

“NUVI’s social media intelligence platform is built to perpetually expand the limits of how real-time data is visualized.”

This latest upgrade furthers that goal with the following features:

Twitter Group Monitors: With one simple step, NUVI users can now gather all of the followers of a particular Twitter handle into one group analysis, providing a real-time window into the sentiment and conversations of a particular set of Twitter fans.

Here’s what the Group Monitor map looks like:

It’s definitely useful to be able to segment out a targeted Twitter group to analyze sentiment and generate leads. The feature is a big timesaver in measuring ROI in a campaign, for example.

Facebook Integration: Users can now integrate the Facebook pages they manage into the NUVI platform, basically taking Facebook Insights up a notch with data visualizations and customizable dashboards.

Significant Mentions: NUVI’s Social Landscape reports now include an intelligent sampling of up to 100 relevant posts in a specific time period, giving users one more layer of insights that will help them quickly identify trends and determine mindshare among key influencers.

Check out NUVI for yourself here.