Nuvi Teams Up with DataSift to Offer Facebook Topic Data

Real-time social media listening and reporting solution Nuvi teamed up with data-intelligence provider DataSift to offer aggregated and anonymous Facebook topic data to the former’s clients.

NuviDataSiftFacebookTopicDataReal-time social media listening and reporting solution Nuvi teamed up with data-intelligence provider DataSift to offer aggregated and anonymous Facebook topic data to the former’s clients.

Topic data allows marketers on the social network to drill down into data of what users are saying about events, brands, subjects and activities, completely anonymized, and Facebook teamed up with DataSift to launch it.

Nuvi said in a release that it is now one of the first social analytics providers to transition its customers to aggregated and anonymized Facebook topic data, giving its clients the ability to use its customizable dashboards to create actionable insights using information on age, gender, activities, events, brand names and other topics.

Nuvi CEO Keith Nellesen said in the release:

Ultimately, our partnership with DataSift is reflective of our desire to continue to provide access to the valuable information that our customers want and need. DataSift’s expertise in processing aggregate and anonymized Facebook topic data, combined with our highly visual platform and analyzing capabilities, will deliver a customer experience unlike any other. This collaboration creates unparalleled opportunities for customer engagement and brand development.

DataSift chief product officer Tim Barker added:

Our goal at DataSift is to give companies worldwide the opportunity to gain intelligence and business value from the huge pool of insights that are now out there. I’m delighted that Nuvi is partnering with us to provide its clients with further insights into audiences on Facebook, in a privacy-safe way.

Readers: What do you think of the new offering from Nuvi and DataSift?

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