Nussbaum Asks If New York is the New New York


“Is New York the New Innovation and Design Center?” Bruce Nussbaum asks over at BusinessWeek. With companies like IDEO opening up new offices in the biggest of apples and famous designers spending half their waking lives traveling to the mega-metropolis, Nussbaum sees a trend of design and idea shops heading east. Unfortunately, we really fail to see any realistically-big story in any of this, as is also reflected in many of the comments on the site. It sort of seems like issuing a report like “all of the big fish companies are moving toward cities with large bodies of water!” When a huge majority of corporations are based out of New York and virtually all the world’s money filtering through the city at some time during its life, is it really crazy to think it wouldn’t be a good idea for some of these powerhouses of design and idea generation to have an office there? But hey, what do we know? We didn’t see people loving sliced bread or aeroplane transportation as much as they have; so we’re certainly no experts on trend predictions.