Now That We’ve Seen John Hockenberry And The Alloy Orchestra We Really Can’t Contain Our Excitement Anymore


We’re sitting here at the very very back of the main stage auditorium with, um, “luminaries” Philip Nobel and Ben Rubin. This is the most awesome set-up ever: there’s a CAGE on what would be the second story of the stage, with a guy (R. Sikoryak) wearing a smock and doing some live graphic design illustration and some other guys–the Alloy Orchestra–playing drums.

Sightings so far: David Carson, in totally ripped-up “you can all fuck off because I’m David Carson” jeans; Lella Vignelli in hella mad bling; Cathy Leff from the Wolfsonian.

We’re seeing more of John Hockenberry than we ever thought we would — a self-made video in what must be his bedroom (there’s a bed there) and he’s talking about why he does what he does. “I wouldn’t just take any job……it really has to be meaningful to me. I guess what I value most is… being able to just work with materials that you find anywhere and I don’t really care what those materials are,” panning to paper clips.

Oh. This is parody.

Sidekicks have just pointed out that no one is getting it. “It must be hitting too close to home.”

Now he’s doing a skit with the orchestra and R. Sikoryak, trying to convince them to be able to do a tune, which is mean to be a comment about the ludicrousness of the client/designer relationship.

OMG, Hockenberry is RAPPING.

“Artists. Can’t do anything with artists.”

Now everyone’s CLAPPING.

And now, “A-I-G. A-I-G-A.” is getting CHANTED.

Taking a breather. Back with Ellen Lupton in a minute.