Nothing Says Olympic Games Like a Little Censorship

Img214070082.jpgSo the other day we wrote about how the Chinese Government had banned the June issue of Time Out Beiijing, now comes word that the Huffington Post is also off limits to the Chinese.

HuffPo’s David Flumenbaum reports that a reader in Shanghai contacted the site to say that an “error” page now loads when one tries to connect to the Huffington Post — similar sites such as BBC News, CBC News, Wikipedia, and YouTube have also suffered this fate — all of which appears to be contradictory to the Chinese Government’s guarantee back in 2001 that the media will have uncensored access (that said, there was also that little promise about improving their human rights record, which doesn’t seem to have taken hold). It will be interesting to see how and if Government is able to produce on its promise and if it does (and we’re not holding our breath) whether it means that come August 8th the information highway will be wide open to all! In the meantime, where will the people get all their pro-Obama coverage?