Noted In Page Six

1. The gossip column reports on a conflict of interest over at the New York Times. Writer of the moment Shalom Auslander‘s book Foreskin’s Lament was reviewed in last week’s Times Book Review… by the father of one of the execs at Auslander’s publishing house. Bit of a COI, no? (And, incidentally: Get a copy of Lament when you can. Book’s kinda sorta amazing.)

2. Poor Vanessa Grigoriadis is getting savaged by Page Six much more than she ever was by her recent story subjects at Gawker. After Grigoriadis called Page Six “emasculated” in her recent New York piece on Gawker, the column decided to launch a salvo of their own… The Post calls her a “hirstute hack” and writes:

As for us being “emasculated,” Grigoriadis ignores that fact that half the Page Six staff is female. The male half might take her someplace private and disprove her theory, but we don’t like a woman with a mustache.

What the hell? Not cool, Page Six. Not cool.

Update: Well, whaddaya know. Our very own Galleycat Had the Auslander/McGrath item first. You know what they say, the sincerest form of flattery is…