Not Long for This Virtual World: Users Bored by Second Life

bored.jpgAdAge‘s Ken Wheaton isn’t the only one less than impressed with the virtual fun of Second Life. “Boring Virtual Worlds” makes the December issue of PC World‘s list of the 10 Biggest Web Annoyances, along with such pet peeves as difficult online forms and the expense of e-books.

More than half of the x people PC World surveyed (they never tell us how many) don’t care about virtual worlds, while another 25% said they’re not bothered by their quality. Apparently, Second Life, the most popular virtual world, is now seeing lower rates of traffic growth since its peak in October 2006. So why are people abandoning their Second Lives? According to PC World‘s Ryan Naraine:

Newcomers to virtual worlds (many of whom were attracted by media hype) often leave for good after struggling with the basics of moving their avatar around or communicating with others “in-world.” Their efforts aren’t helped by the sites’ often-clunky user interfaces or by regular software glitches. As of October 7, 2007, according to Second Life’s statistics, its virtual world had almost 10 million “total residents” (people signed up to the site), but only 1.3 million (13%) of them had logged in during the preceding 30 days. And only about 338,000 of them had logged in during the previous seven days.

So hurry up and spend your Second Life savings! May we suggest a texture-changing leather coat? How about a pet dragon? Because tomorrow those Linden dollars might not be worth the virtual paper they’re virtually printed on.