Not Bitter, Just Sad

We picked up a post yesterday by Kenneth Walsh about how his former colleagues at the New York Times News Service are doing a year after their jobs were moved to Gainesville.

In this post, he had mentioned he was “strangely unbitter” about the whole thing.

“I slept on it, and woke up this morning realizing ….there was some underlying emotion I was not expressing…” he writes, “so I offer this writethru to correct my earlier item.

What I am a year later, however, is disgusted that we live in a world where a paper as great as The New York Times believes it must play a shell game to please stockholders — there is NO WAY they are saving anything close to what they first promised — and in the process diminish the brand (grad students editing Times copy in Gainesville? Come on!) while causing undue harm to a group of professionals who were willing to make enormous sacrifices to keep the department intact. And for what, a temporary bump in the stock price? This doesn’t make me bitter, it just makes me sad.