Nosh: Restaurant Food Sharing App (if you can find someone to share with)

How granular are we going to get with check-ins and reviews? How about down to the dish level? That’s what the new free Nosh for iPhone service and app sets out to do.


Nosh provides the following functions:

+ Rate and review dishes, not places. After all, it’s the food that matters.
+ Keep up with friends and see what they’re eating. Follow friends, or anyone so long as they have great tastes!
+ Find out “what’s good here”. No more relying on the waiter.
+ Browse menus by the highest rated items, what your friends have had, or any other way you choose.
+ Check out photos of the food before you order.
+ Comment on friends’ food experiences.
+ Track what you’ve had and where. Never forget a food adventure.
+ Instant sharing to Facebook and Twitter.

In theory, this is great. In practice it is all about getting to critical mass and it isn’t there yet in my specific case. I allowed Nosh to authenicate with both my Facebook and Twitter accounts. It found precisely one person in that list that was also using Nosh that I could follow. And, that person is based several thousand miles away from where I am. Then, there’s the issue of venue accuracy. Nosh listed a couple of nearby restaurants that closed a year or more ago. One feature did find useful is that Nosh lists dishes available from a specific restaurant. Techcrunch noted that this being done by a team in India using automated tools to populate the information. I have not verified the accuracy of the dish lists.

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