Northwestern Polls Facebook Fans For New Court Design

Northwestern University is polling Facebook fans on four designs for its new basketball court, which could become mostly purple.

Northwestern Athletics is using its Facebook page to poll fans as it prepares to redesign the university’s basketball court next month.

There are four court renderings to choose from, including an all-purple stained one for the floor at Welsh-Ryan Arena.

The renderings were designed by the university’s athletic communications associate director Julie Dunn and include other options like the Wildcat mascot at midcourt and purple keys, the slogan “Chicago’s Big Ten Team” down the sideline, or the “N” and Wildcat at midcourt with purple sidelines.

Fans have been vocal about their opinions on the Northwestern Athletics Facebook Page and it has received more than 200 new likes within the last few days.

Most fans are voting for the all-purple court:

College sports are about tradition. Look at Boise State’s football field. It’s blue. NU’s bball should be purple.

It’s not like normal courts have helped the team make the NCAA’s… take a chance and go all purple!

(The purple court) would be awesome from a novelty standpoint but not from a ‘I’m trying to watch 40 minutes of basketball on ESPN without my retinas disintegrating’ standpoint.

“We’re getting more feedback than we expected,” said Nick Brilowski, another athletic communications associate director, to the Chicago Tribune.

Some fans are concerned that the three-point line would become nearly invisible on a purple court, and others noted purple tends to appear blue on television.

Brilowski said the athletic staff will choose a court design near the end of the next week and construction will begin around mid-August.

Boise State University’s blue football field isn’t the only unique sports complex design. The University of Oregon’s basketball court below resembles a painted canvas with trees. The half-court line is virtually invisible.

Whatever design Northwestern chooses, it will have to get clearance from the NCAA. The NCAA guidebook’s rules on court designs mostly concern signage, but it forbids logos that could “distract from the players’ and the officials’ visibility of the division or center-circle line.”

Readers, do you think an all-purple basketball court is a good idea? What do you think of Boise State’s blue football field and Oregon’s woodsy basketball court?

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