Journo Profiles and Admires Norman Pearlstine

NormPearlstineTimeIncPicOn Twitter, Washington Post reporter Thomas Heath explains that he writes ‘about how people build businesses.’ In the case of the journalist’s latest feature interview, the more apt verb might be ‘renovate.’

Heath recently sat down with Time Inc. chief content officer Norman Pearlstine (pictured) at Time magazine’s Washington D.C. offices. He follows a wink-wink quote from his interview subject with an intriguing and, given Pearlstine’s age, very accurate observation:

“I’ve been in the business a long time and seen the changes,” says Pearlstine. “I can probably take a little longer view than other people do who are worrying about how many [unique visitors] they had last month or how many page views or something.”

I admire this about him: At 72, he has suited up for another business challenge. No soft landing at a non-profit. No sinecure in academia.

Pearlstine revisits, with forthrightness, that recent Sports Illustrated leaked spreadsheet scandal. Time Inc. is of course still a major media concern, with – as Heath writes – 2014 full-year revenue expected to fall between $3.2 and $3.3 billion.

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