Norman Mailer To The WH?

normanmailer.gifStep aside Dana Bash. Sit down Terry Moran. Get out of the way Terry Hunt. There might be a new West Wing scribe in the house.

NYU’s Jay Rosen issued a call to arms today: Challenging/begging/asking Norman Mailer to step up and take on a gig as a White House reporter and blog about it. While the famed author has taken up blogging at the Huffington Post, Rosen says that the White House would provide him the opportunity to stretch his talents and push the boundaries of the medium.

“The way Mailer did journalism, something happens to the character in the story, who is also our correspondent on the scene. A truth is revealed, and emotion is restored to events. In Mailer’s best reports, something also happens in the life of the nation,” Rosen said.

Someone needs to dive into Scott McClellan’s techniques, and someone needs to disassemble life in the veal pen and see what lies beneath the motivations of those involved.

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