Non-Facebook Users to Start Seeing Audience Network-Powered Ads

“Over the coming months,” you won’t have to be a Facebook user to see ads powered by the social network.

“Over the coming months,” you won’t have to be a Facebook user to see ads powered by the social network.

Facebook announced in a Facebook for Business post that it is extending the reach of its Facebook Audience Network mobile advertising network to non-Facebook users via data it gathers from third-party sites and applications that use the social network’s technology.

The social network also touted the measurement benefits for advertisers, saying that they will now be able to count conversions from people who are not connected to Facebook.

Facebook stressed that while this online interest-based advertising is common across the industry, users have access to tools to opt out of these ads, and Facebook users can adjust their ad preferences.

Highlights from the Facebook for Business post follow:

Today the Audience Network helps advertisers share their messages with the 1.6 billion people who are connected to Facebook. Now we’re announcing changes that will expand the reach of the Audience Network to show Facebook-powered ads to people who don’t have Facebook accounts. This change also helps advertisers measure the results of their campaigns more completely and provide people with greater control over the ads that they see.

Over the coming months, we will expand the reach of Facebook-powered advertising on the Audience Network to include people who don’t have accounts. To ensure that the ads people see in the apps and websites in the Audience Network are highly relevant, we will use information we receive from third-party sites and apps that use Facebook technology. This practice, known as online interest-based advertising, is common across the ad industry.

This update also offers Facebook advertisers more accurate and more complete measurement of their campaigns, because we are now able to count conversions from people who are not connected to Facebook. Advertisers will now have a more complete picture into how well their campaigns are performing across all placements, including Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network, helping them to make better business decisions.

We offer everyone control over the ads they see, including tools to opt out of online interest-based advertising. If you have a Facebook account, you can edit your ad preferences to tell us if you want to see ads based on specific interests, like travel or television, and we honor your settings no matter what device you use when you connect to Facebook.

Starting today, people with Facebook accounts can also opt out of seeing ads in the Audience Network based on their ad preferences. People can do this by visiting their Facebook settings or tapping the AdChoices icon next to an Audience Network ad.

The social network also provided the following links for advertisers or users looking for further information:

AboutThis Ad

And vice president of ads and business platform Andrew Bosworth provided more details on how users can control the ads they see in a Newsroom post, and highlights follow:

Advertising may be here to stay, but bad advertising like this doesn’t have to. That’s why we’re working to provide a better online advertising experience for everyone: people, publishers and advertisers.

While more than 100 companies already serve interest-based advertising on websites and apps today, we offer a better experience because we care about the integrity of Facebook ads.

Ads are reviewed against our standards and to ensure that they are as respectful of people’s experience as possible. For example, we don’t permit ads that include sound unless you interact with them, and we prohibit deceptive ads and ads for unsafe products and services. We’ve developed technology to determine when someone clicks on an ad on a mobile device by accident so you don’t get taken to a website or app you didn’t mean to visit.

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