Nomad Editions May Be Lucrative Client for Freelancers

In an economic climate such as ours, the promise of “generous salaries for freelance writers and editors” will no doubt sound appealing to struggling scribes. If you’re in that camp, you might want to keep an eye on Nomad Editions, a passel of new magazines designed for mobile digital platforms and scheduled to roll out in the next few months.

Someone reads on a KindleAccording to a detailed preview at Business Insider, the venture is spearheaded by Mark Edmiston, a former Newsweek president who has backed Nomad partly with his own money. The magazines will showcase original writing on a variety of niche topics, employing a full-time staff of only four editors based in New York. Writers will share a collective 30 percent of subscription revenue per issue, with editors taking another 5 percent.

“We’re targeting very narrow, specific interests — intensely interested people in relatively small markets,” Edmiston told Business Insider. “I think we’ve passed the tipping point on those kind of dedicated readers of mobile and tablet devices. Look at books being read on the Kindle. I’ve read probably a dozen books on my iPhone. This is where people will get most of their media, and I think people will get used to paying for that.”

Four editions are forthcoming Nov. 12, dealing with food, film, surfing and viral video. Another four are coming in January and nine more are in development.

Photo: richardmasoner