Nokia Shows N810 Tablet with 3D Display: Would Have Been More Interested in a Built-in 2D Projector

Pocket-Lint reported from Nokia WOrld n Stuttgart that…

Nokia creates 3D mobile phone

That’s sort-of kind-of true except that…

1. It was demonstrated on a Nokia N810 tablet device that doesn’t have a phone component
2. It was a proof-of-concept and not an available device

I think the idea of a 3D display without the need for special glasses is great. The problem is that it isn’t practical at the moment. It requires 3D content that doesn’t exist. And, it will be a very expensive technology for a while. I’d rather see projectors embedded in photos to enable mobile sharing of photos, videos, and presentations.

That said, Pocket-Lint also reports that 3D enabled handsets are available in Asia. But, they don’t seem to be rocketing their way west so far.