Nokia Comes With Music Subscription Service Delays U.S. Launch: But, It Doesn’t Really Matter

No Nokia “Comes With Music” for you U.S.! (at least not in 2009) …according to Forbes…

Nokia Delays U.S. Music Launch

Nokia’s “Comes With Music” is a music subscription service that is provided free for the first year to new Nokia phone owners (assuming the phone is capable of using the service). People can keep all their music from that first year even if they let the subscription lapse. So, while I’m sure many people are disappointed they won’t be able to try it this calendar year, the fact remains that Nokia still lacks major U.S. carrier partners for their smartphones (with the exception of AT&T & the Nokia E71x) and, therefore, lack of U.S. market penetration. So, not many people would participate in the program anyway.