No Virgos or Capricorns! Chinese Woman Posts “Husband Wanted” Post on Renren

Chinese social network Renren is one of the first social networking companies to have gone public here in America, and while it’s often derided as China’s “Facebook clone”, the service now boasts between 30 and 40 million monthly active users.  In addition to its growing popularity, the site is also home to some of those strange stories that could only happen on a social network.  The most recent is the story of a woman, Lin Yu of Huazhong Agricultural University, who has posted a “Husband Wanted” post, asking people to apply to marry her.

The story sounds like a simple dating ad, but the fact is that she has a list of 15 requirements, and each requirement is worth 6 points.  Add to that a few bonuses and the competition will be a strictly numerical affair.  She will marry the man with the highest score next summer, apparently.  This is certainly an outlandish request, but we’ve seen weird behavior on social networks since their inception.  For instance, 11% of people have had sex with a person they met on Facebook.

We’ve been watching the Chinese social networks more closely lately, and we’ve seen that many of them, while originally modeled after American networks, are developing their own features — and challenges.  For instance, the Chinese government is going after Sina Weibo users who criticize the government, which puts into question whether users will revolt or whether the network will continue to thrive.

In any case, I hope that Lin Yu finds a great suitor on Renren, and we’ll be there to report it either way.