NJ Parties Like the Pink Panther

It was Night 4 of NJ‘s flurry of launch parties at the rented space on E St. Thursday night was thought to be the mother of parties so far. The room was packed. So much so, that partygoers periodically slipped out into the cool air when they couldn’t take the crowding. Or, when they hoped to flee the towering wine-drinking man in blue linen who pawed some female guests (he wasn’t with NJ and appeared to be a straggler who wandered in off the street. At least one woman pushed him away).

Guests enjoyed cocktails, fancy hors d’oeuvres and the sounds of a live jazz band. They complained of too few bathrooms and a sweltering indoor temperature.

The dimly-lit warehouse space was enveloped in red velvet curtains. NJ Daily Editor Jason Dick loosely bragged that he had attended party after party and wasn’t tiring of it.”This is how we roll,” he joked. “I take my cues for living from the old Pink Panther movies with the martinis.

“It’s a little bit more fun than I anticipated,” he said, referring to the new web site launch and subsequent parties. “We started this back in February and it was hard to see where it was going. We’re all working as hard as we ever have. There’s a lot more steam in our strides.”

NJ brass did their best to squash talk of a NJPolitico rivalry. But partygoers chattered about it. “For me, Politico is a start, but I’m not going to get a lot of substance out of it,” said a guest. Others felt the party logo looked too much like Politico. Dick dismissed the so-called feud, saying there much less animosity and more friendship than people know. “I have a lot more friends than enemies at Politico,” he said. He laughed, saying people had tweeted earlier in the week about whether NJ and Politico were going to “meet in a parking lot with knives and guns.”

Fournier said he was “excited” about the launch but just as excited to make it an early night and get home to his wife and child.

Many a journo turned up. Find out who and see more pictures after the jump…

From NJ: Editor-in-Chief Ron Fournier, The Atlantic Media‘s dapper President Justin Smith, Editorial Director Ron Brownstein, PR’s Taylor West, CTO of NJ Chris Contakes, The Hotline Editor-in-Chief Reid Wilson, Jeremy Jacobs, Megan Scully, Matt Cooper, Kelsey Snell, Meghan McCarthy, Pete Cohn, Umberto Sanchez, and Chris Strohm.

Other media: MSNBC‘s Richard Wolffe, NYT‘s Carl Hulse, CNN‘s Abby Livingston, Politics Daily‘s Alex Wagner, CBS News’s Christine Delargy, Politico‘s Patrick Gavin and Alex Isenstadt, Suspended NBCer David Shuster, MSNBC Hardball Producer Brooke Brower, The Cable‘s Josh Rogin, and girlfriend, Bloomberg News‘s Sophia Yan, WaPo‘s Paul Kane and Aaron Blake.

Other guests spotted in the crowd: Dan Renee (public relations), GOP Spokesman for Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) Brad Dayspring, Sen. John Thune‘s (R-S.D.) Comm. Dir. Kyle Downey, Anna Sproul, Editor and Foreign Rights Manager of The Gail Ross Literary Agency, Media Consultant Anne Schroeder Mullins, Glenn Ballard, James Davis, Gideon Lett, Distilled Spirits Communications Director Ben Jenkins and colleague and Senior V.P. of Public Affairs and Communications Frank Coleman. Also in the mix: Matt Latimer. He’s the former speechwriter and current ghostwriter for former Defense Sec. Donald Rumsfeld‘s upcoming book.

Richard Wolffe and the back of D. Shuster’s head.

Chris Contakes, Matt Cooper and Justin Smith

Crowd shot

Someone points the finger at NYT’s Carl Hulse

Ron Fournier and Matt Cooper

Scene shot

Partygoer’s dramatic  hair flip