NJ Hotline Scribes Get Hammered at Watergate

NJ Hotline scribes who go to work at the crack of dawn have been roughing it at the Watergate these days with what appears to be severe daily hammering and drilling.

“I think the drilling is right over my head now. And it’s not helping the headache I woke up with either,” Hotline House Race Editor Jessica Taylor wrote on Twitter this morning. Her colleague, Chris Peleo-Lazar, a staff writer at The Hotline, is no less ruffled by the noise. “Alright drilling. we’re in a fight and I’m willing to commit a hate crime on you.”

The Watergate has been under construction for almost a year now, but in the past week, they’ve stepped up the early-hour hammering and drilling for two new office spaces. Reid Wilson, Editor-in-Chief of The Hotline, said he now has a bottle of Tylenol next to his ever-present giant bottle of Tums. He remarked to FishbowlDC this morning, “Been construction on various parts of the building for a few months as a few folks on other floors move around (I don’t know who, not NJ-related). The construction guys are very nice and keep the drilling/hammering etc. to non-business hours. The problem, for those of us who come in at 6am, is that non-business hours are our business hours!”

The drilling typically ceases by 9 a.m.