NJ Adds Two New Account Directors


It’s wonderful to announce new hires. But when a publication has suffered serious losses and is undergoing a complete overhaul (as my co-editor Matt Dornic reported here), why try to pour pink paint all over it?

NJ, which recently suffered layoffs and offered buyouts to more employees than they anticipated would take the deal, is “rounding out” what it’s calling its “top tier sales force.” The release boasts, “The moves expand on an already-deep [sic] bench of sales professionals.”

The new hires are Stephanie Vecchiarelli and Andrew Behringer.

Vecchiarelli’s most recent job: Employed with Red Zebra Broadcasting; previously a sales manager for W-WRC and ESPN Deportes.

Behringer’s most recent job: He worked for Atlantic Media‘s Government Executive.

The release admits to recent changes: “The news organization is undergoing a business overhaul under the leadership of Justin B. Smith, who assumed the role of president in January.”