Nick Goldberg KOs Mike Davis, and About Time, Too


Nick Goldberg, the editor of the LA Times Op-Ed section, is frequently the brunt of outside criticism. We’ve been known to suggest that he needs to get out and about more often. But, in one quick click, he’s become our hero. Why?

According to Kevin Roderick, of LA Observed, Goldberg got a “frothing at the chops” email from always entertainingly nuts fabulist, Mike Davis.

From: mike davis
To: [Nicholas Goldberg]
Sent: Sun Nov 19 16:14:39 2006
Subject: tokenism is the deeper issue

I don’t really give a shit what lies and innuendo you guys print about me, but you might give some consideration to the Times’ unchanging paternalist policy of allowing only one token (and since the death of Frank del Olmo–conservative) Latino voice to regularly appear on its Op-Ed and Opinion pages. I heard your wife the other day speak with truly eloquent passion about the struggle of immigrant working people in Los Angeles. If you possess an iota of her obvious conscience and gumption you would invite someone like Ruben Martinez to provide a progressive Latino perspective alongside of the daily rants from National Review types and clones of Ruyard Kipling [sic].

I have heard that you’re a good guy, but I have yet to see any evidence of that in the paper. Even my miserable Copley local, the Union-Tribune, has a more diverse and usually more interesting op-ed section than yours.


Mike Davis

And the reply?

Date: Sun, November 19, 2006 4:18 pm
To: [Mike Davis]

Always nice to hear from you.

But where was Amy Wilentz going on about laboring immigrants? Since when does Barney’s have a lecture hall?