Niblets, Lost and Found edition

  • I ain’t missin’ you at all Radar plays lost and found with Evan Cohen, the former Air America Radio chairman who was responsible for funnelling that 800-odd grand from the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club. The NYSun‘s David Lombino said Cohen was missing; Cohen says, “no way dude, I’m right here” (a week later, btw). Radar’s parting shot to Lombino: “David Lombino, the New York Sun reporter who wrote the August 26 story, is missing. By which I mean to say that he did not respond to numerous phone messages and one e-mail request for comment.” Oooh, snap![Radar]
  • Hud, belt buckle take center stage: Apparently the producers of the reality show “Tabloid Wars” featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the New York Daily News were quite taken with Hudson Morgan, who we all know firsthand can cast quite a bewitching spell when he’s buckled in with our favorite accessory. Jeff Bercovici at WWD reports that Hud logged a whole lot of time before the camera, even though equally belt-buckular Lloyd Grove did not. Even so, Lloyd’s not jealous, he just wants Hud to get the accolades he deserves. Aw. That makes us feel all warm and happy. [WWD]
  • Every Minute of Every Hour of Every Day with Rachel Ray: Also at WWD, Bercovici’s comrade Sara James suggests that quickie-meal maven-turned-mag-editrix Rachael Ray is a bit of a micro-manager as she and her staff gear up for the mag’s debut on Oct. 25th. James says Ray has lost two high-profile staffers: former Departures senior editor Kitty Morgan, who’s been replaced by Silvana Nardone (executive editor under Morgan) and design director Lucy Sisman, formerly art director of Allure, replaced by Siobhan Hardy. Meanwhile, Ray is apparently very involved at every level of the mag, according to a company spokeswoman, “clearly considering that an asset.” Oooh, snap again! [WWD]
  • Paging Dr. Rosen-Katrina: The NYT reports taht Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel does not find Rush Limbaugh particularly funny or clever in his labelling of the devastating hurricane as “Hurricane Katrina vanden Heuvel” and “warning that the left is going to use this tragedy against the right.” The NYT also caught up with Katrina Leskanich, former frontwoman and namesake of Katrina and the Waves, our first association with that name. She, like us, hopes that “Walking on Sunshine” will be applicable again really soon. [NYT]
  • Dov Charney is okay by FishbowlLA: Our bro down at FishbowlLA carefully reviews his coverage of Dov Charney and finds it fair. He also says Charney thinks that blogs and the MSM alike are out to get him. Says FBLA: “I don’t really agree with this, but I do think there may be a tendency to make fun of him a little, since he has a silly moustache and talks a lot about sex.” (It should be noted that the American Apparel founder, who I have seen more than once shirtless on the streets of the Lower East Side, very likely snapped the fetching photograph used to illustrate the earlier post about the NYT’s penchant for full-frontal prunity). But that’s neither here nor there; the point is that (a) Dov Charney is Canadian and (b) he helps FBLA face the world more beautifully: “I would also like to endorse his T-shirts, which I find to hang quite flatteringly on the lanky, sinewy frames of certain semitically handsome media bloggers.” Did you hear that, world? Our brother is HOT. [FishbowlLA]