HuffPost Tops Facebook Publisher Shares for June (Report)

The Huffington Post was the most-shared publisher on Facebook in June, according to the latest data from NewsWhip.

The Huffington Post was the most-shared publisher on Facebook in June, according to the latest data from NewsWhip.

The social media news aggregator noted that the top five on its most shared list was rounded out by familiar names–BuzzFeed, Fox News, NBC and Yahoo–but lesser-known sites like Little Things and Diply cracked its top 10.

NewsWhip said of Little Things and Diply:

Both are focused on viral content and seem to be attracting significant volumes of likes, suggesting heavy engagement in News Feed. But as the chart shows, their share numbers are also significant and have grown fast in the last few months.

Political site The Conservative Tribune and news site Indian Express were also called out as strong June performers by NewsWhip.


NewsWhip also addressed the Instant Articles feature Facebook introduced in May for its iPhone application

Since we last published these rankings at the start of 2015, talk has shifted to Facebook Instant Articles and their imminent rise. After having looked at the engagement numbers around the first barrage of Instant Articles, we haven’t seen too many more come our way since.

Just two new Instant Articles, from The Guardian and Germany’s Bild, have appeared on Facebook’s dedicated Instant Articles page since May. We’ve heard that these posts are still being tested rigorously by Facebook engineers, and it could be some time yet before the feature is being deployed regularly. Recent reports suggest that “the articles have only been available to a small test audience of 5 percent of iOS mobile users in the U.S.,” which explains their continuing lack of visibility.

Once the tests conclude, however, we’re likely to see increased engagement around stories with an “Instant” component.

Readers: Have you encountered any Facebook Instant Articles?

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