Newsweek Uses Internet, Actually Breaks News!

newsWeekCover.jpgIs Newsweek suddenly getting wise to the online game? Twice in the last week writers at the magazine’s recently-launched culture blog Pop Vox have been breaking the sort of interesting stories one normally associates with sites that have a reputation for, say, using the Internet.

Last week, after following up on the NYT DABA girls story the Newsweek blog revealed that the girl’s website was less a support group than a “full-blown parody,” resulting in an editor’s note from the Times, not to mention a slew of links.

Then, just yesterday, the blog scooped (and surprised, it would seem) just about everyone when they posted a Sonic Youth-approved leak of their new record. Has Newsweek suddenly got hip? Or is this part of some new strategy connected to their print overhaul? Or is it just that someone over there finally managed to talk the powers-that-be into dipping their toe in the online world and lo and behold it’s working! Perhaps a little more effort on this front might mitigate slightly the need for more expensive paper and bigger pictures. It’s definitely a welcome start.