Newsweek Redesign Hasn’t Paid Off Yet|Min Looking To Leave Us?|September Ad Page Numbers May Not Be So Bad|Cox Sells More Papers|It’s Not Looking Good For Business Journalism

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New York Observer: Newsweek‘s recent redesign has yet to improve newsstand sales. Sales for the first six weeks after May’s revamp were flat compared to the previous 18 issues in 2009, and the following four weeks showed a pretty steep decline. Is this a reflection of readers’ summer buying habits, lack of interest or a rejection of the magazine’s new look?

Page Six: Is US Weekly editor Janice Min ready to pack in her million-dollar-plus pay check and head to greener pastures? One source told Page Six, “She’s had enough,” and she’s reportedly taking meetings with TV execs while vacationing in Los Angeles.

AdAge: A preview of ad page numbers for September issues, with magazines like Elle and Essence predicting declines, although they say they’ll be down less than they were in March. In other news, who is ready for Vogue doc, “The September Issue”?

The Daily Advance: Newspaper publisher Cox Enterprises has sold a few more newspapers, this time from North Carolina: The Daily Advance, The Daily Reflector of Greenville, The Rocky Mount Telegram and 10 other non-dailies based in Eastern N.C.

Time: BusinessWeek‘s sale raises many questions, including whether there is a future for business journalism.