Newsweek Locates, Puts Gender-Neutral Baby On Cover

To illustrate this week’s cover story, “Rethinking Gender,” Jon Meacham and company had a tough task: find a genderlessness image not even the most asexual of officemates can convey. Meacham’s solution? A baby:

When we were debating how to illustrate this story, we decided that an image of a beautiful child of indeterminate gender would work best. (All babies, it has been said, look like Winston Churchill, though my wife objected when I made that point about our two children when they were infants.) Once we chose the picture we ended up using—the baby is a model; the image was located by Sue Miklas—I conducted an informal survey in our offices about whether the child is a boy or a girl. It was a landslide for the male caucus, with 60 percent voting “boy.” (I was among the 60 percent.) The majority was wrong: if you are wondering, the child on the cover is an 8-month-old girl. What she will be in years to come is, our reporting suggests, a question that is more open than many might have thought.

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