Newsweek FAIL: “No Comment” on e-Firings

Gawker obtained an internal staff email from Newsweek CEO Tom Ascheim announcing a group of new hires to replace five top managers that are being fired and another who is allegedly being forced to retire. Did I mention that all this was wrapped into one email?

Ascheim wrote:

Bringing in new people requires that we say good-bye to some of our most capable veterans: Paul Dworkis, Karen Stark, Len Carella, John Rusak, Valerie Gordon-Wiggan and Colleen Moran, whose last day will be Friday, July 17th. In all cases, these people have served us capably, giving us their sweat, smarts and loyalty. I, along with all of you, owe them our thanks many times over.

Ascheim goes on to sing their praises before wishing them “bon chance.”

Change is never easy. But without evolution we cannot progress. Please join me in welcoming Tracia, Jennie and Joe. And please also join me in thanking and wishing bon chance to Paul, Karen, Len, John, Valerie and Colleen.


FishbowlDC assumed that there must be some good explanation or misunderstanding but alas, Newsweek gave us the old “no comment.” Bon chance is right! See Gawker for the email in its entirety.