Newsvetter, Another Attempt Not to Annoy Journalists


If your pitch meets the following criteria, you are worthy to pitch it to interested journalists, according to new PR-to-journalist site Newsvetter:

* My submission is newsworthy
* My submission is hyperbole free
* My submission is jargon free
* My submission is simple and clear
* My submission is grammatically correct
* My facts are accurate
* My information on product names and people is correct

Newsvetter is sort of a mirror image to Peter Shankman’s Profnet-killer Help A Reporter. Instead of hordes of PR people responding to queries for sources trafficked by Shankman, PR people submit their ideas to Andrew Fowler’s Newsvetter in hopes of attention–other “presenters” can comment on the pitch ideas. Journalists fill out profiles too with their interests, preferred method of contact, and links to their current bylines. So far, only a handful of journalists have signed up, though it’s a strong list.

The question is, if the questions above seem obvious, do you need to traffic your pitches through an intermediary? We’ll give it a test drive and let you know. One great thing about both Newsvetter and Help A Reporter is they are both free.

(via Shel Holtz)