Newspaper Websites in Great Shape, WSJ Possible Exception

newspaper_boy.jpgAccording to the latest E&P online newspaper website traffic report, “April was a kind month” with many of the sites reporting significant increases over this time last year. The NYTs is still riding high as the most visited site, followed by USA Today and WaPo respectively. The Wall St. Journal holds steady in the number five slot, however(!), while the Journal’s traffic is up 37% since April of last year its monthly visitors have dropped from 6.8 million in March to 4.7 million in April. Ouch! Even with our questionable math skills we know that’s more than one third.

April also happens to be the month new WSJ owner Rupert Murdoch launched his redesigned version of the paper, shortly thereafter managing editor Marcus Brauchli resigned…we’re just saying, numbers don’t lie.