Newsman to Female Interviewee: ‘You are Making my Brain Bleed’

Think of this as a mid-morning snack. In this xtranormal video, two cartoon characters engage in a really awkward job interview at a TV station. Horrible silences and a serious inability to listen to each other make this well worth a watch.

Best lines:

Female Interviewee: I have a lot of student loans. Do you think $65,000 is too much to ask for my first contract?

Male Interviewer: I think you may have a learning disability. I made $17.5 my first year with no benefits. I once ate Ramen Noodles for five straight weeks. It gave me dysentery.


Female Interviewee: Did I mention Katie Couric is my idol?

Male Interviewer: You did. I tried to ignore it because I already have high blood pressure.

Female Interviewee: Perhaps I can work a beat like a medical reporter and with my other time I can anchor your morning show. I have a bubbly and outgoing personality.

Male Interviewer: I am concerned you are going to make my brain bleed.

Female Interviewee: Do you think I should die my hair blond?


Female Interviewee: I will leave my tape and resume on this growing pile beside your desk.

Male Interviewer: Did you really print your resume on pink paper?

Female Interviewee: Yes, do you like it?

Male Interviewer: I hate you.