NewsBreak Lite Windows Mobile RSS Feed Reader Free from Microsoft Total Access

Screenshot courtesy of Microsoft

You may have read a bunch of articles and blog items about how RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is dead and useless. IMHO, that is far from the truth. Personally, I consider RSS the glue that hold much of the web together. And, if you are a Windows Mobile smartphone user, it can be your best friend. Windows Mobile’s Internet Explorer browser is just plain awful. It can’t render most conventional website quickly or accurately. So, what do you do if your favorite blog or news site doesn’t have a mobile friendly web view that works with IE mobile? If it has an RSS feed, you can use one of several good RSS feed readers available for Windows Mobile. I’ve been using Ilium Software’s NewsBreak since version 1.0 on my Windows Mobile smartphones. Now, thanks to Microsoft’s Total Access program, you can try NewsBreak Lite for free…

NewsBreak Lite Free from Total Access

Total Access Link: NewsBreak Lite

NewsBreak Lite lets you subscribe to up to 5 RSS feeds. If you like what you see, and want to get more than 5 feeds, you can purchase a full copy from Ilium for $19.95.

Ilium NewsBreak 2.1