News ‘Too Good to Hold’, Says Politico’s Grieve

Samuelsohn.gif Politico‘s Deputy Managing Editor Tim Grieve couldn’t contain himself on the news to staff late Thursday that they’ve hired the “best energy reporter working in Washington today.”

That would be Darren Samuelsohn, who comes to Politico after a decade at Greenwire and Environment & Energy Daily.

Not an easy move, but a good one, said Samuelsohn in a phone interview with FishbowlDC Friday from the Capitol.

Asked how he feels about being called the “best energy reporter in Washington” he replied, “It’s an honor. There’s a lot of good reporters in the city that have been covering this for years. They told me that were going around looking for someone for this job that they consistently heard my name. It’s a great feeling. That was pretty cool.”

But leaving a publication after a decade is hard. His publication definitely wanted him to stay. “It was a difficult decision for me to leave,” he said. “Great bosses and a great work environment. I’ve been there pretty much my entire time in Washington. Pretty much my family.”

The advantages of Politico? “It’s clearly a larger audience and to take on a different perspective of Washington, D.C.,” he said. “Our audiences now are the movers and shakers in this city. At Politico, it’s those people and more.”

And change can be good. “It’s a new challenge after almost 10 years to write and report for a different company with different styles,” he added. “Many people I’ve spoken to in helping me to make this decision encouraged me to shake things up a bit. It never hurts.”

At Politico, Grieve writes that Samuelsohn will anchor the “best in the business” energy team.

At University of Missouri J-School, Samuelsohn took what he described as a lot of “painful, tedious” classes but he encourages students to “not give up” in an alumni Q&A interview that you can read here.

Read Grieve’s internal memo after the jump….

I hate to scoop Morning Energy, but weÂ’ve got some news too good to hold:

Tomorrow morning, weÂ’ll announce publicly that we’ve hired Darren Samuelsohn, the best energy reporter working in Washington today.

As we interviewed for this slot, we asked candidates who they read. The usual answer: “Well, Darren, of course, and then…”

In a decade at E&E/Greenwire/Climatewire/etc., Darren has set the pace for everyone else to follow on everything from global warming to appropriations to political campaigns to the BP spill. HeÂ’s a tenacious reporter, a sharp, POLITICO-style writer and a really good guy to boot.

Darren will join us in a few weeks, and heÂ’ll anchor what will soon be the best-in-the-business energy team.

More news on that soon…