News Corp. Ready To Un-Google?

google-logo.gifNews Corp may remove its sites from Google’s index within months.

Jon Miller, News Corp.’s chief digital officer, said that the company “could survive both economically and audience-wise without the search giant driving traffic to its sites.”

“The traffic which comes in from Google brings a consumer who more often than not read one article and then leaves the site. That is the least valuable of traffic to us… the economic impact [of not having content indexed by Google] is not as great as you might think. You can survive without it.”

Just yesterday, News Corp. president and COO Chase Carey said that the “leaky wall” strategy currently in place at the Wall Street Journal was inconsistent. Currently, non-WSJ subscribers can access articles behind the pay wall by searching Google for the headline.

“We don’t want people going though a backdoor, or other channels,” to access the Journal, said Carey.

(h/t SAI)