News Briefly March 20, 2008

•At least one publisher won’t go quietly. Daniel Magnus has filed a complaint including RICO violations against Metro Newspapers.

Ravi Batra, a Manhattan lawyer, sues Dick Wolf for the unsavory character Ravi Patel, a Manhattan lawyer depicted on a Law and Order episode. The trick is that Batra has to prove he’s the good kind of lawyer that doesn’t gum up the justice system with stupid lawsuits in order to win his libel case that is essentially a stupid lawsuit. We like Dick Wolf’s version better.

•The Page Six website is shutting down. Which leads to the question,”Page Six had a website?”

Tribune company reports loss in 4th quarter profits. PR Newswire reports that Sam Zell said:

“In our first 75 days, we’ve made a series of key leadership changes, have launched a number of programs and projects to drive new revenue, and have initiated a fundamental shift in culture. In addition, we have begun a strategic review of certain Tribune assets to determine whether capital can be more effectively redeployed into our core operations or toward reducing our outstanding leverage.”

Translation: We’ve put in more Britney and doubled our Paris coverage.

•And finally, in case you didn’t have enough reasons to hate Pop Fiction on E!. Now they are spamming blogs to try and get people to watch. Not even if you asked us nicely. Thanks Celebitchy!