Newly Redesigned British Passport Unveiled


Staying in the UK a bit longer this morning, the national government’s Home Office has unveiled the new British passport this week. They’ve updated the layouts and general aesthetics, as you’d expect, but the meat and potatoes of the changes are the redesigned security features. They’ve moved the implanted RFID chip to the inside cover, both to protect it from potential damage better and to make it more difficult to swap out. They’ve also added an additional printing of the passport holder and added a new transparent covering with several holograms, also making it more difficult to alter or forge. So confident are they in the new design, they’ve even put up a few scans of the new booklets on Flickr. They’ll be released in October, but if you can’t wait to see them in action (they’re still essentially just small books, remember, so don’t get too excited), here’s a brief video put out by the Home Office: