New Yorker Summer Fiction Party at Housing Works

nyhwpg5.pngWhile Jane Friedman was preparing to rock the publishing (and media) world with news of her sudden (possibly forced) departure. The rest of us, or at least a lot, were celebrating the release of the New Yorker’s Summer Fiction Issue (featuring Annie Proulx’s “Tits-up In a Ditch”) at the Housing Works Bookstore, where some enterprising soul has stocked the displays with books written by New Yorker writers.

Not surprisingly the place was packed to capacity with New Yorkers and publishing types alike, including a late arriving Salman Rushdie, Malcolm Gladwell, Simon Rich, Marisa Silver, Lizzie Widdicombe, Daniel Radosh and Dan Halpern. Alas, word on the street was that David Remnick was in Thailand. Pics after the jump.


Malcolm Gladwell


Kimberly Burns
and God of War author Marisa Silver


Julia Cheiffetz talking with Eric Alterman

Simon Rich and the New Yorker’s Lizzie Widdicombe


Chris Calhoun and Dan Halpern