New York Times’ ‘Snow Fall’ Article is Newspaper Web Design at Its Best

Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek,” by New York Times reporter John Branch is a powerful and cautionary tale of skiers caught in an avalanche. The first part of the article is up now, and trust us when we tell you that when you click through you’ll be blown away.

Yes, Branch’s words are great, but design and the layout of the piece is truly fantastic. It is stunning. At the top of the piece is a giant photograph of the side of a snow covered mountain. As you scroll down, the picture slides away and nothing but clean text is visible. No ads; just words.

Then, as you continue to read and scroll, photos of the skiers appear. As you keep going toward the bottom, the page darkens slightly and you’re greeted with an aerial guide to Cowboy Mountain, where the avalanche happened.

We can’t wait to read/view the rest of this piece. Hopefully the Times takes note of the praise it’s getting and does more of this.

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