New York Times‘ Mike Nizza Moves to The Atlantic

nizzaleede.pngOne of the major forces behind the New York Times‘ impressive reinvention of itself online is decamping to The Atlantic. Mike Nizza, who currently writes the blog The Lede for the Times and for the seven years prior to that was Web producer there, will, according to a memo picked up the NYO, move to The Atlantic in a few weeks.

In a couple of weeks he’ll be taking a job with Atlantic Media, which publishes the Atlantic magazine and the National Journal. Mike will be a senior editor and will create and launch new Web sites and online features for the company.

The memo was penned by digital news editor, Jim Roberts, and may have one of the better closing lines we’ve ever come across.

As many of you know, Mike was instrumental in the development of He started here in 2000 and quickly rose through the ranks of producer and senior producer before becoming an editor in 2006.

Mike also kept us in touch with pop culture. Amy Winehouse made frequent appearances in the blog. And it wasn’t a surprise to find Keith Richards or Snoop Dogg. Gawker even took approving note of Mike when he made it clear that he was a HUGE (his word) fan of the Wu-Tang Clan. That prompted one Gawker reader to comment:

Wouldn’t it be great if they started to credit him as “Fo Shizza Mike Nizza”?