New York Post Columnist Phil Mushnick Draws Criticism for Using N-Word

Veteran New York Post columnist Phil Mushnick is getting an online earful, following his Equal Time entry Friday.

In the piece, Mushnick rips the Brooklyn Nets, or more specifically team part-owner and hip hop mogul Jay Z. Mushnick writes:

“As long as the Nets are allowing Jay-Z to call their marketing shots — what a shock that he chose black and white as the new team colors to stress, as the Nets explained, their new ‘urban’ home — why not have him apply the full Jay-Z treatment?

It’s at that point, the writer lit the fuse.

“Why the Brooklyn Nets when they can be the New York “N—–s?”

Mushnick went on to say, “The cheerleaders could be the Brooklyn B—hes or Hoes.  Team logo? A 9 mm with hollow-tip shell casings strewn beneath. Wanna be Jay-Z hip? Then go all the way!”

Now, the blogosphere is urging punishment, ranging from an apology to Mushnick’s termination.

Mushnick offered this response to the Village Voice:

“Did you actually read what I wrote and what I’ve been writing for 30 years? I don’t call black men [n-words]; my kids never heard the word until folks such as Jay-Z came along. I’d suggest you talk to him about it. What I wrote today was on Jay Z’s artistry, and only the wishful and foolish would so badly misinterpret and mischaracterize it as you plan to do.”

Mushnick joined the newspaper in 1973, taking over the TV/Radio sports beat in 1982.

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