Where Does the New York Post Go From Here?

Col Allan told The Capital media reporter Joe Pompeo that he shall return, once newspaper turnaround work is completed Down Under. But many of those at the New York Post who spoke to the journalist aren’t so sure.

Watching over the editorial fortunes of the paper in Allan’s absence is Jesse Angelo, formerly of The Daily. Pompeo writes about a NYP retreat last fall up in the Hudson Highlands during which the since departed EIC made a scary confession:

At the beginning of the event, Allan offered a rare mea culpa from his perch at the back of the room.

“As most of you know, there was nobody less interested in the Internet at this newspaper than me,” one person who was there recalls him saying. “It seems I was wrong about that.”

At the same retreat, then-Wall Street Journal online chief Alan Murray offered iPhone journalism advice to a room full of Post reporters equipped with Blackberries. A year later, in this summer far removed from the Son of Sam, Pompeo writes that the Post website is being constantly tweaked, traffic stats are being blared across newsroom monitors a-la-Gawker and the ranks are adjusting to the first substantial layoffs in several decades.

Allan meanwhile, or “Col Pot” as Aussie media critics like to refer to him, is busy trying to revive a set of sister publications as a September 7 national election looms. Read Pompeo’s full investigation here.