New York Mag Gets McGreevey Excerpt Confession

newyorkmag_mcgreevey_0906.jpgThis week’s New York magazine has what could be considered a coup — an excerpt of former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey‘s forthcoming Confession — although any McGreevey “confessions” seem inherently old.

He does, however, out his former D.C.-area love spot:

The only place where I had ever found any real pleasure in these encounters was in Washington, during my law-school years. At the juncture of Sixth and I Streets, just around the corner from Judiciary Square, there was an abandoned synagogue and a narrow alley leading to the long-forgotten gardens in back. Every night, rain or shine, this hidden pocket of Washington filled with men just like me — almost all of them wearing business suits and, on most of their left hands, proof that they’d made the same compromises I had. We were the power brokers and backroom operatives and future leaders of America. We just happened to be gay. I felt as though I’d come upon a sanctuary — it was a churchlike, almost spiritual place. Moonlight squinted through the stained-glass windows into our garden, catching an inviting eye or a face stretched in ecstasy.

We assume this place no longer exists; if it does, however, McGreevey has just blown their churchlike cover.