New York City’s Media Marathon

marathon.jpgThis weekend wasn’t just Halloween in Manhattan, it was also the setting for the 40th Annual New York City Marathon, one of the most difficult (and longest running) endurance races in the world, and certainly one of the largest. It attracts professional athletes, celebrities, and your every day runners from around the world, who often train for months in preparation for the event.

And despite the wintry economic climate of the news world that makes the rest of us want to hide under the covers until we all have jobs again, this year’s marathon also included some members of the media who certainly know something about endurance.

Justin Nyberg, Outside Magazine‘s gear and bodywork editor, was certainly (and not surprisingly) the media winner of the day. He placed 99th out of the marathon’s 43,741 runners, with a finishing time of 2:35:28.

Mark Bittman of The New York Times‘ food blog Bitten told Gawker he ran “4.45. Or 4.46,” but that they haven’t posted his time yet since “I’m a non-celebrity and don’t rate I guess.”

Avid marathoner George Hirsch (founder of New York magazine and Runner’s World) finished at 4:06:14.

And although we don’t have times yet for Peter Segal of NPR, Amby Burfoot (also of Runner’s World) or Bill Rodgers (Running Times magazines), they all certainly deserve a hat tip for finishing this grueling endurance test.

Know of anyone we missed? Let us know!

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