New Working Group to Assess Environmental, Economic Impacts of Graphic Design Supply Chain

We know: there’s nothing like the term “supply chain” (along with the residual effects of Thanksgiving tryptophan and the less widely discussed wooziness associated with large annual doses of pumpkin pie) to get you clicking right back to your Cyber Monday shopping, but stay with us here. Meet the Sustainable Design Auditing Project (SDAP), a new working group that is taking on greenwashing by uniting designers, suppliers and manufacturers, academia, environmental nonprofits and other key stakeholders to develop environmental, social, and financial metrics for the graphic design supply chain. Led by Re-nourish and partner organizations including the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, SDAP will focus not on establishing standards but on developing metrics that will tackle everything from energy use and toxicity levels to labor and employment issues and profitability. The goal is to help both companies and individual make informed decisions as they navigate the increasingly murky waters of sustainability. “There’s clearly growing corporate and consumer recognition of sustainable operations as a core element of a robust bottom line over the long term,” Jess Sand, a partner at Re-nourish, tells us. “And given that up to 80% of a product’s environmental footprint occurs at the design stage, it’s essential that designers have transparent methods of measuring the on-the-ground impacts of our work.” Learn more about SDAP and sign up to get involved here.