New Fully Rolled Out

All Twitter users now have access to the recently redesigned, according to a post on the Twitter Blog by Carolyn Penner of the microblogging site’s communications team, who wrote:

As of today, everyone who uses Twitter now has access to the new Twitter. Whether you’re just signing up today or you’ve been a user for years, this new experience is finally real for everyone — all 160 million of you — and in six languages to boot.

Since we announced the new Twitter four weeks ago, we’ve closely watched Tweets and user comments. We’ve received lots of great feedback that will help as we continue to make even better.

So while we still (and will always) have plenty of work to do, we’re pleased with the positive reaction so far. People are telling us that they love that we’ve kept the timeline simple, while also providing a richer experience through the details pane. You can now dive deeper into a Tweet and see more details, like recent replies, the bios of other accounts mentioned in it, and photos and videos from media partners like Flickr, YouTube, Ustream, and yfrog. Watch this explanatory video to learn more about how to get the most of out of new Twitter. (Or, if you prefer a hip-hop version, check out the fan video that @iamwill and team created.)