Twitter Users Send 32,000 Tweets-Per-Minute During Champions League Final

Over 32,000 tweets-per-minute were sent on Twitter this weekend, as Chelsea triumphed dramatically over Bayern Munich during the Champions League Final.

Twitter was all a-buzz on Saturday as the two football teams faced off for one of the most coveted trophies in the sport. Users sent 32,097 tweets-per-minute at the peak of the game.

Brand Watch explored when users were tweeting most during the match, and came to the conclusion that Twitter is becoming increasingly important for live TV events: half of all the tweets about the game were sent while it was being played live.

Take a look at the volume of tweets sent each minute between 7PM and midnight on Saturday:

That first big spike in tweet volume occurred when Chelsea striker Didier Drogba performed a header to tie up the game, and the second, larger spike was the excitement at the end of the game, and was where the tweets-per-minute record was set.

Prior to this match, several sports events created tweeting records of their own, including this year’s Super Bowl and Chelsea and Barcelona’s match earlier in the League.

And the most-tweeted event in Twitter history thus far is held by the TV airing of a popular Japanese anime movie, Castle in the Sky, which saw 25,088 tweets-per-second at its peak.

Other notable events which garnered high tweets-per-second numbers include Beyonce’s baby announcement which was the record holder in August 2011 with just under 9,000 tweets-per-second and this year’s New Year celebration in Japan which saw 16,000 tweets-per-second.

(Chelsea/Bayern Munich image via Shutterstock)

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