New-TV-season punditry: more vacuous than normal punditry

It’s only a week or two into the fall TV season, and several shows haven’t even premiered yet, but that hasn’t stopped the usual gang of cable tv pundits– straying far, in some cases, from their usual areas of non-expertise– from offering their opinions about What It All Means For Our Culture. In Variety, Brian Lowry has a useful summary of paraphrased punditry. An excerpt:

Greta Van Susteren: This should be a big year for “Without a Trace,” the CBS show about missing persons, because that’s what Americans really care about. Actually, between that show and my show, there are more people missing on TV than there those are whose whereabouts are known.

James Carville: People are fed up with bein’ lied to by their government, which is why they’re gonna be eager to laugh a little and escape reality with that good ol’ “Earl” boy. I also think there’s gonna be a huge audience for “Commander-in-Chief” so they can preview what a woman’s gonna look like in the White House come 2008.

Robert Thompson, professor of the Center for the Study of Popular Television, Syracuse University: It’s quite clear that television is at a crossroads unlike any that has been witnessed before, and this season should be the turning point in that progression.

Does that work for your story? Because I can comment on anything even remotely connected to TV. Just call, I’ll be right over.

Anyone catch any particularly silly TV season media analysis moments? Let me know.