New “TextOnly” Web Browser Now Available

There are lots of web browsers, and there are lots of web browsers for Android. But here’s one that does something a little different. TextOnly functions exactly like what the name suggests. It strips out most of the formatting, ads, and images found on a web page and it only shows you the basic text and links.

While this broser might not appeal to you, I have had times where I have severely limited internet connection. TextOnly can help in that situation be filtering out the extraneous content, and only showing you the important stuff.

One downside, though, is that it also removes images. This was necessary because some websites aren’t careful about the size of the images they post. There are times where an image might look small but only because it’s been artificially reduced from the full size. Downloading that large image takes up unnecessary bandwidth. There’s not much the browser can do about the image size so that’s why they’re all dropped.

If you’d like to see what the browser looks like without installing it, you can visit the website. The web browser app itself can be found on the Android Market.