New Study Shows Employees Working From Home are Happier & More Productive

work from home2If you’re working from home and enjoying it more than the office, you’re not alone. A recent study conducted by Stanford University indicated when employers allow their workers to work from home, they’re ultimately happier, less likely to quit and more productive.

Call center employees were given the opportunity to work from home, researchers noticed people at home made 13.5 more calls compared to their cubicle counterparts. They also quit 50 percent less than office dwellers and revealed they were “much happier” on the job.

Per an piece, one of the researchers chalked up a spike in productivity due to working in a quieter environment since offices are typically more distracting in terms of noise than homes.

If you work from home, this finding may sound familiar to you. Researchers also found that participants at home worked longer hours and took fewer sick days since they didn’t have to commute.

So, yes per the results remote work has its perks but the researchers were hesitant to make broad generalizations. In some situations, working remotely has its pluses like call center representatives, bloggers and proofreaders.

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