New Sites: It’s HerHollywood. We Just Live In It


Felica Devers, a longtime Hollywoodphile-turned-segment-producer, has launched

The new site is aimed at women “working and desiring to work in the film and television fields,” and Devers hopes it morphs into an online community of industry women with Hollywood news and a vibrant job board.

Devers told FBLA the site is a natural extension of her love for all things Hollywood.

“I grew up in the country outside of Shreveport, LA. and while other kids were outside playing I was inside reading biographies on Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth and Bette Davis (to name a few) and books on the golden studio era of Hollywood.

“I was a huge fan of the TV show, Entertainment Tonight, when it first premiered because it allowed me to see inside modern day Hollywood and kept me up-to-date on the goings on of my fave celebs. My major in college was TV/Film Production because it was the only interest I had. I dreamed of one day working in Hollywood. One year after I graduated from college, I drove myself and a friend from Louisiana to California to begin my journey into the entertainment industry.”

Devers bio lists her creds as “a Segment Producer, Clearance Coordinator, Researcher and Assistant Production coordinator on numerous PBS, OXYGEN, FOX, TLC and DISCOVERY CHANNEL projects.”

“I have always had young women ask me questions about working in TV/Film, and I noticed there was no one site with daily updated news about the progress women are making in the television film industry,” she says. “They should be able to go to one site and read about their peers achieving as well as get info on additional training and schools available.

Devers says she has big plans for the site, and for the brand.

“My plans are to solicit other women within the industry to contribute their stories about their training, their work experiences and offer advice and tips to younger women interested in pursuing a career in TV/film themselves,” she says. “I want to interview successful professionals. I also want to open a forum where women can get together and share just share advice, job leads, school info, whatever.

“My dream would be to create a community for women in TV/Film like the community for professionals in print/advertising media.”

FBLA appreciates the sucking up. Break a leg, Felica.