New Salon CEO Plans Changes

The Jordan Hoffner era begins.

New Salon CEO Jordan Hoffner isn’t wasting any time making his imprint on the site.

Hoffner, who was tapped last week to replace Cindy Jeffers, told staffers he wants to improve Salon’s stock and grow the company via acquisitions.

In a separate memo sent before the long weekend, Hoffner asked staffers to “think about what you can do to help the company even more than what you have contributed thus far.”

“Providing top notch experiences on our owned and operated properties as well as on social media and emerging platforms will continue to enthrall and steadily grow our user base,” wrote Hoffner. “The trick is to do this while making Salon a profitable and growing company.”

Apparently the meetings and memo didn’t go over well. Staffers are worried about layoffs and the Hoffner reign. “There’s concern and confusion about what the direction of the company will be,” one staffer told Politico.